Launch of electronic referendum system may be postponed due to data risks

Co-signing electronic referendum proposal must pass data security checks before being implemented


(By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Central Election Commission (CEC) said in a legislative hearing Monday (May 6) the launch date for the electronic referendum joint signature system may be delayed due to data risks.

Acting chairperson Chen Chao-chien (陳朝建) told the Internal Administration Committee that should the system pass the data security and verification checks, it will be able to launch according to the proposed timeline on June 1.

Chen said preliminary testing showed there are still question marks over the system’s data security and CEC will adjust the timeline should the problem persist.

The CEC has given notice asking the public to comment on the drafted “Regulations for National Referendum Electronic Joint Signatures and Verification” between February 18 and April 19 this year.