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Photo of the Day: Spring Whimper in Kaohsiung

Turnout so bad at Spring Scream concert Festival, only one person spotted listening to opening act

(Photo from Facebook page DJ金寶)

(Photo from Facebook page DJ金寶)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- This photo showing a solitary fan watching a band play exemplifies the futility of this year's disastrous 2019 Spring Scream (春吶) festival.

The annual beach party, under new management this year, began on Friday, May 3, but crowd turnout was underwhelming the first two days of the three-day event. Media reports indicate that on the first day, there were less than 50 people enjoying live performances at the festival, which featured four different stages and almost 20 live acts on Friday.

In this photo, posted on the Facebook group DJ金寶 on Friday, the Taiwanese band My Skin Against Your Skin (激膚) performs for a single audience member, who stayed through the performance until its end. The band took the poor turnout in stride and posted an announcement on their Facebook page a couple hours later looking for the die-hard fan, offering a gift for their courageous deed:

"Today, a lucky spectator enjoyed a private show. We to find you and give you a mystery My Skin Against Your Skin gift!"

The Spring Scream Festival has a history of 25 years in Taiwan. However, in recent years, the turnout has declined in comparison to the event’s heyday during the 2000s.

Officials attributed "poor weather" to the turnout at this year’s event, which was organized by the “Dust and Wind Company." However, the Central Weather Bureau recorded a total rain accumulation of 0 mm in the Cijin Area on Friday.

Photo of the Day: Spring Whimper in Kaohsiung
Single audience member on lower left. (Photo from Facebook page DJ金寶)