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American man caught taking 'upskirt' photos in Taipei

American man nabbed taking 'upskirt' photos with shoe pinhole camera in Taipei's Ximending area

(Photos from Facebook group 我是萬華人)

(Photos from Facebook group 我是萬華人)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American man was arrested on Sunday afternoon (May 5) after he was caught taking photos under women's skirts in Taipei using a pinhole camera concealed in his shoe.

On Sunday afternoon, a middle-aged Caucasian man was seen on the bustling streets of Taipei's Ximending area frequently following young women and suspiciously extending his foot beneath their skirts. A man surnamed Chao (趙) observed his odd behavior, alerted the police, and posted the incident on "I am a Wanhua person" (我是萬華人).

When Police from Taipei City's Wanhua Precinct arrived on the scene and questioned the man, they soon found that he had implanted a pinhole camera in his shoe. His sock had a large hole in it, which apparently enabled him to operate the device with his toe.

Police then arrested him on the spot and took him in for further questioning. He was found to be a 45-year-old American citizen, who came to Taiwan on a work visa in April and currently resides in Taipei, reported SETN.

Police found that the device was sending footage directly to his laptop computer for storage. However, the man declined to reply to police questions on the matter, refused to give them the password to his computer, and insisted that a representative of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) be present.

Later, the AIT arranged for a lawyer to accompany the suspect during questioning, reported CNA.

As police have not yet been able to access the data, they are not yet sure how many women have been victimized. They have sent his computer to the Criminal Investigation Division to have experts decrypt it.

If police transfer his case to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office, he could face charges of Offense of Interference with Personal Privacy (妨害秘密罪) and violating the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act (性騷擾防治法).

American man caught taking 'upskirt' photos in Taipei
Suspect (center) removing shoe. (Photo from Facebook group 我是萬華人)

American man caught taking 'upskirt' photos in Taipei
Suspect (right) walking down Ximending street. (Photo from Facebook group 我是萬華人)