Plum weather fronts to bring rain to Taiwan through Thursday

Rain and thunderstorms likely throughout Taiwan for next four days

CWB radar image of rain around Taiwan today.

CWB radar image of rain around Taiwan today.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A pair of plum weather fronts will bring rain and thunderstorms to Taiwan well into Thursday, reported the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Due to the continuous influence of a southern cloud system and an approaching plum rain front, the probability of rain is high across Taiwan. Western and northeastern Taiwan will likely see rain or thunderstorms today, while eastern and southern parts of the country will see scattered showers or isolated thunderstorms.

In terms of temperatures, due to increased northeasterly winds and rainfall, daytime high temperatures in northern, central, northeastern, and eastern Taiwan will only range between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius, which is a significant drop from Sunday (May 5). Other areas will see a slight drop in highs to between 26 and 27 degrees.

The CWB predicts that the weather on Tuesday (May 7) will be unstable as a southern cloud system and plum rain front grow nearer. Western and northeastern Taiwan will see showers and thunderstorms, with the possibility of local, heavy downpours as well.

As the southern cloud system shifts away from Taiwan on Tuesday afternoon, rainfall in central and southern Taiwan will start to diminish. However, northeast winds will continue to blow, keeping temperatures in northern Taiwan cool throughout the day, with the low dipping down to 20 degrees and the high only reaching 23 to 24 degrees.

Lows in the rest of Taiwan on Tuesday will range between 21 and 22 degrees, while highs will range between 26 and 29 degrees.

The CWB warns that another plum rain front will form and approach Taiwan on Wednesday and Thursday (May 8 and 9). The CWB says that as the system's structure is not fully formed, it will bring less rainfall, but there will still be light rain or thunderstorms in northern and northeast Taiwan, while the rest of the country will see scattered showers.

As the northeast wind weakens on Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature in northern Taiwan will start to rise again.

The CWB said that as the second plum rain front gradually moves away from Friday through Sunday (May 10 and 12), the weather will begin to stabilize. The CWB predicts brief showers or thunderstorms in southern and eastern parts of the country, partly cloudy to sunny skies in other areas, and brief thunderstorms in mountainous areas in the afternoons.

The CWB expects a third plum rain front to approach Taiwan from next Monday to next Wednesday (May 13 to 15), bringing scattered showers.