Taipei finally witnesses its ‘Manhattanhenge’ sunset

Phenomenon might still occur in the Ximending area until May 6

'Manhattanhenge' on Zhongxiao West Road Friday evening, May 3.

'Manhattanhenge' on Zhongxiao West Road Friday evening, May 3. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After low clouds ended photographers’ hopes of witnessing a ‘Manhattanhenge’ sunset last Monday, April 29, the phenomenon finally appeared above the streets of Taipei on Friday evening, May 3.

Twice a year, the rising or setting sun aligns with east-west streets in New York’s Manhattan, but in Taiwan, little attention had been drawn to it until recently.

Two streets, Zhongxiao West Road close to Taipei Railway Station, and Emei Street in the Ximending area, attracted numerous viewers and photography fans on Friday evening.

Over the following days, up to May 6, ‘Manhattanhenge’ will only be visible from the Emei Street area, the Central Weather Bureau predicted, at least if the skies are not overcast.

Police also arrived on time before 6 p.m. Friday to help regulate traffic in the fear that pedestrians would stand in the middle of the street or motorists would slow down to admire the sun, the Liberty Times reported.

‘Manhattanhenge’ is expected to appear just minutes before 6 p.m., and to end shortly after 6:10 p.m., if the clouds allow.