Taiwan's Eva Air casts doubt on Flight Attendants Union ahead of strike vote

Airline questions transparency and fairness of union's voting process

EVA Air Airbus 330

EVA Air Airbus 330 (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After several negotiations with EVA Airways Corp. fell through, the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union have decided to hold a strike vote, a plan which the airline says is “full of loopholes.”

EVA Air told the media on Thursday (May 2) that the airline will respect the result if the vote is well representative and democratic. The Union has announced that starting from May 13, union members will have one month to cast their vote.

However, in light of the month long voting period, EVA Air has already questioned the legitimacy of the vote and the Union’s capacity to maintain a transparent and fair voting process. The airline has requested government oversight from the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and the Taoyuan City Government’s Department of Labor.

In response to the airline’s doubts over the strike vote, the Union said today that the voting process will be monitored by an independent third-party security company and video-taped from start to finish. The Union warned against employer interference and mocked the management for smearing the vote before it is carried out.

While the management and the Union are at odds over several issues, both parties are open to further negotiations.