Taiwanese delegation joins Intl. photography event in Manila

Photographers from 10 different nations took part in annual 'We Are Crossing Bridges' event

Taiwanese photographers with Taiwan envoy to Manila, Michael Peiyung Hsu, at the farewell dinner, May 1

Taiwanese photographers with Taiwan envoy to Manila, Michael Peiyung Hsu, at the farewell dinner, May 1 (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Several Taiwanese photographers met other professional photographers from 10 different nations in the Philippines this past week as part of the annual“Crossing Bridges”event which included an awards and recognition ceremony.

Every year, photographers with “Crossing Bridges” gather in a different country to share their love of photography, and celebrate the beauty of the host nation.

This year photographers from Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and South Korea, Malaysia, China and Australia met fellow photographers in Philippines from April 25 to May 2.

While they were in Manila on the final day of the event, Taiwan's envoy to the Philippines, Michael Peiyung Hsu (徐佩勇), was able to meet with the delegation representing Taiwanese photographers.

The Taiwanese members of the group expressed their hope that the same group of photographers might be able to visit Taiwan in the future, so that they can act as hosts and share the beauty of Taiwan with their fellow photographers.

CNA reports that Taiwan previously hosted the 13th annual Crossing Bridges event in 2016. The Philippines also previously hosted event in 2010.

The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation shared the following statement on their webpage.

“No workshops here, no conferences, and not too many speeches; we just love to get together and shoot, and we show each other our photos. We are photographers from all over Asia and we roam around the countries to enjoy the culture, the sceneries, the people, and food in the places that we go to. We are Crossing Bridges!”

Check out their website to enjoy some great photographs taken during the trip.

The “Crossing Bridges” events serve as a great way to engage in cultural exchange and build cultural networks throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.