World Medical Association calls on WHO to allow Taiwan's participation

'All nations, regions and territories should be able to participate' in World Health Assembly proceedings, says WMA


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the World Health Assembly (WHA) planned for late May approaches, advocates of Taiwan’s participation are increasing calls for the World Health Organization (WHO) to reconsider its unethical treatment of Taiwan and its subservience to China’s political will.

On April 30, the World Medical Association (WMA) published an official statement to its website calling for Taiwan’s participation at the WHA later this month in Geneva, Switzerland.

The statement also announced that the WHA has sent a formal letter to the WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, asking that the WHO address this problem as it represents a potential hazard to the health of millions in Taiwan and across the globe.

According to the WMA statement, the letter sent to the WHO reads as follows.

“We as physicians are very much concerned that all nations, regions and territories should be able to participate in and profit from the work of WHO. We therefore hope that delegates from Taiwan will again be allowed to observe the World Health Assembly and experts from Taiwan will have a real chance to participate in technical meetings.”

Taiwan was able to attend WHA forums as an observer until 2016. But after Tsai Ing-wen was elected as President, the WHO, in order to appease Beijing, has excluded Taiwan and its population of 23 million people from access to the WHO, its associated organizations, and the WHA, an important global medical forum.

Taiwan has already announced that it will be sending an official delegation to the WHA planned for May 20-28, whether it receives an official invitation or not. The Taiwanese delegation will receive updates on the forum and discuss programs and policy with partner nations on the sidelines of the official WHA proceedings.