Japanese tourists visiting Taiwan spike over extended Golden Week break

Taiwan is top choice for Japanese travelers going abroad to celebrate new Imperial era

EVA Air Airbus 330

EVA Air Airbus 330 (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Tuesday, April 30, the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, abdicated the Chrysanthemum Throne to the crown prince Naruhito, bringing an end to the Heisei era.

To mark the occasion, the Japanese government decided to extend the 2019 Golden Week celebrations to last 10 days, which prompted a large number of Japanese tourists to set their sights on Taiwan to enjoy the extended vacation.

This year, the golden week celebrations began on April 27 and will last until May 6, and Taiwan is the number one destination for Japanese travelers looking to travel abroad for the extended break, with many routes between Japan and Taiwan booked entirely full.

According to a Liberty Times report, 80 percent of all flights arriving in Taiwan from Japan this week have been booked full, including all routes operated by Taiwan’s China Airlines.

After a spike in ticket sales to Taiwan in late 2018 booked for the 2019 Golden Week, both EVA Air and China Airlines increased their flights to and from a number of Japanese destinations to accommodate the significant increase in Japanese travelers for Golden Week.

Adding to the already increasing numbers of Japanese visitors in recent years, the major influx of Japanese visitors this week is more good news for Taiwan’s tourism industry.