First 'Manhattanhenge' photo op in Taipei today

First chance to take 'Manhattanhenge' photo in Taipei today

Manhattanhenge on Zhongxiao West Road. (Photo from Facebook user 唐榮國)

Manhattanhenge on Zhongxiao West Road. (Photo from Facebook user 唐榮國)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecasts that the first opportunity to capture the spectacular "Manhattanhenge" phenomenon in Taipei City will be today (April 29).

The term "Manhattanhenge" refers to a stunning solar spectacle that occurs twice year when the setting sun or the rising sun is perfectly aligned with the east-west streets of New York's borough of Manhattan. Taiwan's Nantou City and Kaohsiung City have also recently gained attention for their versions of the event.

The CWB predicts that the first chance for photographers to shoot "Manhattanhenge" in Taipei will be today from 5:59 p.m. to 6:19 p.m on Zhongxiao East and West Roads (忠孝東西路).

The bureau said the optimum times for watching the sunset on the two Taipei streets are forecast below, and the sun will be positioned at the center of each street at the midpoint of each forecast time span, which will differ slightly depending on where spectators stand on the street. Please note that the bureau has revised the times for Emei Street.

For Emei Street (峨眉街)

5/2 6:00~6:20 p.m.

5/3 5:58~6:18 p.m.

5/4 5:56~6:16 p.m.

5/5 5:53~6:13 p.m.

5/6 5:50~6:10 p.m.

For Zhongxiao East and West Roads (忠孝東西路)

4/29 5:59~6:19 p.m.

4/30 5:56~6:16 p.m.

5/1 5:53~6:13 p.m.

5/2 5:50~6:10 p.m.

5/3 5:47~6:07 p.m.

The bureau said ten minutes before and after the forecast time when the sun will be positioned at the center of the street are suitable for viewing the "Manhattanhenge” spectacle.

CWB reminds spectators that even though the view of "Manhattanhenge" is beautiful, the sunlight is still strong, and that they should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes if they plan on watching for an extended period of time.

The bureau also urges spectators to obey traffic rules and watch out for their own safety, adding that the next “Manhattanhenge” forecast in Taiwan will be made in mid-May for Jingguo Road in Taichung’s Dajia District.