22 foreign female tourists arrested for prostitution in Taipei over 2 weeks

22 foreign women arrested for prostitution in Taipei's Wanhua district since mid-April

Suspect being questioned by police. (Taipei Police Department photo)

Suspect being questioned by police. (Taipei Police Department photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A total of 22 foreign female tourists have been arrested for allegedly engaging in prostitution in Taipei, since a new series of raids began on April 12, reported CNA.

As the Taipei Police Department has found that some foreign women from Southeast Asia and China visiting Taiwan under the guise of "sightseeing" are actually engaging in the sex trade, officers have been carrying out raids in Taipei's oldest red-light district -- Wanhua. As the Taipei Police Department has been asking precinct chiefs to implement its "anti-prostitution project," Wanhua precinct chief Chang Lung-hsing (張隆興) said that since April 12, extensive raids on brothels have been carried out in his district.

Chang said that comprehensive sweeps have been focused on Kangding Road near the Wanhua railway station, most recently on Saturday morning (April 27). Chang said that in addition to the original ban on private prostitution and solicitation, uniformed and plainclothes officers were deployed in the area around the Diamond Building (鑽石大樓) on Kangding Road to strengthen enforcement of the law.

Police raid in Wanhua District. (Taipei Police Department photo)

According to statistics from the Wanhua Police Department, 22 women, including 10 Chinese and five Vietnamese, were arrested on charges of engaging in prostitution. A few days ago, six people, including a pimp, a customer, and four sex workers were arrested in a raid on a rented apartment on Kunming Street.

Among those arrested included four Thai women who had listed their reason for traveling to Taiwan as "sightseeing."

In March, police raided a "call station" in a hotel in Hankou Street and arrested a total of 28 people, including a pimp, customers, and sex workers. Of those arrested, 18 were from Thailand and had arrived in Taiwan on tourist visas.

Officer questions a suspect. (Taipei Police Department photo)

Police said that all of the women who have been arrested in the recent raids will be charged with violating the Social Order Maintenance Act (社會秩序維護法) and transferred to the National Immigration Agency for deportation. Police said that they will continue to implement the "anti-prostitution project" to strengthen the ban on private prostitution, call stations, and online solicitation.