Six Taiwanese shipbuilders capable of making assault vessels, says Navy

Navy Command vouches for domestic shipyards


(Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—In response to legislators’ concern about the capability and human resources of Taiwanese shipyards, the Navy Command said on Friday (April 26) that six domestic shipyards can take on its order to manufacture 60 micro-class missile assault boats (微型飛彈突擊艇).

To follow through with the Ministry of National Defense’s plan to build 60 assault-style vessels before 2029, the Navy Command Headquarters Friday released a list of shipyards capable of taking on the Navy’s order.

The companies include CSBC Corporation, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group, Lung Teh Shipbuilding Corporation, Horizon Group, San Yang Shipbuilding Corporative Company, and Ta Chiao Chou Yacht Building Corporation.

The Navy Command said they have done a thorough field survey on all of the six companies and found that all of these Taiwanese shipyards are well equipped to take on the assault vessel orders from the Navy.

Citing online marketing database Statista’s numbers, the Navy Command told United Daily News that the Navy and the Coast Guard Administration’s commission orders are less than 1 percent of the Taiwan’s annual shipbuilding weight, which is 1,734,000 ton.

According to the Navy, the plan to acquire 60 micro-class missile assault boats is on schedule.