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Taiwan President Tsai calls for solidarity ahead of DPP presidential primary

Pro-independence Brain Wu criticized President Tsai with fiery comments

(By CNA)

(By CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Pro-independence author, Brian Wu (吳祥輝), said "Taiwan will go down if Tsai remains President" at a press conference held by the Taiwan Society (台灣社) on Thursday (April 25).

The "Say No to Annexation. Maintain Sovereignty" press conference was held Thursday afternoon by the Taiwan Society and its affiliates. Among the keynote speakers were former premier William Lai and author Brain Wu, who has always been known for fiery rhetoric.

Commenting on the title of the event, Brian Wu said the meaning of "say no to annexation" was two-fold: the annexation of Taiwan by China and the annexation of William Lai, by President Tsai Ing-wen. He went further to stress that "Taiwan will go down if Tsai remains President."

In response to Wu's hostile comment, President Tsai said in a Facebook post on April 26 that as a member of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and President of Taiwan, "I believe most of our supporters care more about DPP solidarity than whoever wins the primary election."

Tsai also reiterated the power of "one plus one equals more than two," calling for joint efforts of all party members in order to continue essential reforms and protect Taiwan's democracy.

Last night, the Taiwan Society released a statement to denounce Wu's remarks at the press conference. Wu was one of the guests invited to speak at the press conference and his personal opinions had nothing to do the Taiwan Society or William Lai, explained the Taiwan Society in the statement. Lai's spokesman Lin Sheng-che (林聖哲) also denounced Wu's words as "inappropriate."