Introducing Taiwan's Taichung Metropolitan Park: a place suitable for stargazing

Visitors to the park will see picturesque landscapes that integrate nature and humanity

Taichung Metropolitan Park

Taichung Metropolitan Park (By Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taichung Metropolitan Park is situated on the ridge of the Dadu Plateau, overlooking the cityscapes and Harbor of Taichung.

As the park occupies a large area with wide open views and little light pollution, it has become a nice place for stargazing in the Taichung metropolitan area.

Therefore, the construction of the park was designed around the theme of astronomy, with many facilities related to this field of science being installed in the park.

For example, a sundial made of bronze has become the landmark of the park.

Delicately coordinated with the latitude of the park, the sundial, with its long pointer being shaped like a young shoot, resembles a missile ready to be launched when viewed from afar.

The face of the sundial is made of square granite slates. As the Sun beams down on the top of the pointer, it casts a shadow of different lengths at different positions on the face of the sundial in relation to the Earth’s rotation and revolution, reflecting the passage of time and change of seasons.

Another design related to celestial events is the Star Observation Plaza. At the center of the plaza is a giant embossed constellation disc containing constellations that are visible in the Taichung area. At nighttime, these constellations are illuminated and look like twinkling stars.

In addition, barrier-free trails are also available in the park.

A variety of plants grown in the park take turns blooming and bearing fruits, providing a rich ecological environment for insects and birds.

The landscapes along each trail have been carefully planned and groomed, so visitors to the park will also see picturesque vistas that integrate nature and humanity.