Indonesian caregiver handed 6-month jail term for abandoning elderly Taiwanese woman

Indonesian caregiver sentenced to 6 months in jail for abandonment of elderly Taiwanese woman

(Pixabay stock photo)

(Pixabay stock photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An Indonesian caregiver on Wednesday (April 24) was handed down a sentence of six months in prison or pay a fine of NT$180,000 for abandoning the 90-year-old Taiwanese woman in her care, announced the Taiwan Supreme Court.

The Indonesian caregiver, surnamed Kurniasih (文文), was tasked with caring for a 90-year-old woman surnamed Kao (高), who suffered from Parkinson's disease and dementia, reported ETtoday. Kurniasih claimed that because Kao frequently bit and beat her, she could not take it any longer and tied the woman down to her wheelchair, before packing her bags and fleeing the home.

An earlier court ruled that, because Kurniasih was employed as a caregiver by Kao's family and she was aware that the elderly woman had no ability to move independently and survive on her own, she was found to be negligent for abandoning her patient.

In December of 2011, without notifying Kao's family or her broker, Kurniasih tied the elderly woman to a wheelchair with a rope and left her alone in her home, having only cared for her for 27 days. After no one responded to his phone calls, Kao's son rushed to her home, where he found his mother struggling to break free and crying for help from her wheelchair, according to the report.

Kurniasih then went on the run for six years and was not arrested by police until 2017. Prosecutors then indicted her for abandonment.

During the first trial, Kurniasih argued that she could no longer stand Kao constantly biting and hitting her, so she claimed she called her employer and broker, and fed the woman before leaving the home for good, reported CNA. However, the court ruled that neither Kao's son nor her broker received any phone calls from Kurniasih.

The court also stated that there was no emergency necessitating Kurniasih's immediate departure, and she had committed abandonment by leaving a person alone who she was contractually obligated to support. Kurniasih then filed an appeal of the ruling.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected her appeal and ordered that she serve 6-months in prison or pay a fine of NT$180,000, according to the report. The High Court also ruled that after Kurniasih serves her jail term or pays her fine in full, she must be deported from the country.