Temperature in N. Taiwan to drop by 5 degrees tomorrow

Northeasterly winds will bring some respite tomorrow from sizzling temperatures in N. Taiwan

(NOAA animated GIF of NW Pacific)

(NOAA animated GIF of NW Pacific)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Northeasterly winds and a cloud front will bring some respite on Friday (April 26) to the scorching temperatures seen in northern Taiwan over the past couple days.

Meteorologist Peng Chi-ming (彭啟明) said that the sweltering weather seen Wednesday will continue today. Because high temperatures have a chance of soaring to 33 to 35 degrees Celsius by noon today, people are advised to take measures to minimize their exposure to the sun to prevent heatstroke.

On his Facebook page, Peng said that Taiwan will continue to be affected by a Pacific high-pressure ridge and temperatures could soar even higher than Wednesday. However, a cloud system situated between northern Fujian and Zhejiang to the north of Taiwan, which is already bringing lightning strikes and heavy rains, is expected to begin to shift toward northern Taiwan by Friday, bringing heavy rains.

Peng predicts that showers could arrive in northern Taiwan after midday on Friday. At the same time, southeasterly winds will give way to northeasterly winds, causing a drop in temperatures in northern Taiwan.

It is expected that high temperatures in northern Taiwan will drop by four to five degrees by Friday and Saturday (April 27), with highs not exceeding 30 degrees. People may find themselves switching from short sleeves to long sleeves as a result in the dip in temperatures, said Peng.

Southern and central Taiwan will see less of a change in temperatures, with highs only dropping by one or two degrees over the coming days.

As for precipitation, Peng said the convection of the cloud front to the north of Taiwan is very strong, but as it approaches Taiwan, it could begin to weaken. Peng said it is currently difficult to predict when or where the rainfall will occur, and further observation is needed.

Peng predicted that the weather front will leave Taiwan by Sunday (April 28) and temperatures will start to climb again. However, Peng predicts a plum rain front could arrive by next Wednesday and Thursday.

The plum rain front will likely bring cooler temperatures and be strengthened by a southwest monsoon. Peng said more observations will be needed over the coming days to have more certainty about the arrival and extent of the plum rain front.