Video shows helmet-less joy rider ram into pillar in Nantou, Taiwan

Video shows scooter driver without helmet plow into pillar in central Taiwan

(Screenshot from Baofei Commune video)

(Screenshot from Baofei Commune video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Dashcam video has surfaced today on Taiwanese social media showing a helmet-less joyrider on a scooter casually chatting with his buddy before suddenly colliding with a concrete pillar in a tunnel in central Taiwan.

The incident occurred when two men were riding scooters without helmets on Tuesday (April 23) afternoon on Provincial Highway 14 in Nantou County's Ren'ai Township. The entire accident was captured by the dashcam of a motorist who happened to be trailing the two reckless riders.

In the video, a man wearing a gray shirt can be seen weaving in and out of traffic, before his stout friend suddenly appears from the right shoulder to catch up with him. The two men then enter a tunnel as they drive side-by-side.

(Screenshot from Baofei Commune video)

As the men start to round a bend in the road, they start chatting with each other. Unfortunately, the two are too busy looking at each other rather than looking at the road.

A black car in front of them hits the brakes and the men slow down slightly. The man in the gray shirt starts to wander to the right as he gabs with his pal, only to look forward a millisecond before smacking into a concrete pillar.

The man suffered many lacerations to his head and contusions on his body and was quickly rushed to Taichung Veterans General Hospital Puli Branch for treatment. Fortunately, his injuries are not considered life-threatening, but he and his friend were ticketed for not wearing helmets while riding scooters, reported Liberty Times.

(Screenshot from Baofei Commune video)

Video of the accident was then posted on the Facebook group Baofei Commune (爆笑公社) at 10:12 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Netizens made many caustic comments about the juvenile joyriders:

"The corners of my mouth are turning upwards."

"I couldn't help but watching it upside down many times!"

"I give 87 points. Very good!"

"Was he trying to prove his head was harder than the wall?"

"It turns out a strong man with a flat head is still attractive and can keep eyes fixed on him."

(Screenshot from Baofei Commune video)