Taiwan’s digital minister visits US for talks on open governance

Audrey Tang hopes to learn from US about the battle against misinformation as election nears

Audrey Tang visit Washington

Audrey Tang visit Washington (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang (唐鳳) is in Washington this week to promote Taiwan’s commitment to open government, in addition to exchanging opinions with experts on cybersecurity and disinformation as the island gears up for general elections in January 2020.

On Tuesday (April 23), Tang attended two seminars, held at Atlantic Council and George Washington University. The digital minister delivered a keynote speech at the university titled “Shared Values in U.S.-Taiwan Relations – Strengthening Democracy through Open Governance,” reported Central News Agency.

Tang also seeks to draw on the experience of the U.S. and its efforts to counter misinformation and bolster cybersecurity. Tang declined, however, to disclose details concerning the level of U.S. officials she is scheduled to meet due to an agreement between the two sides, said the report.

Speaking of the measures to fight disinformation, Tang noted the Taiwan government will first endeavor to curb the spread of false information through collaborating with major platforms, before resorting to legal action. She added that two draft bills are pending approval in the Legislative Yuan, aimed at ensuring sources of political advertising are fully disclosed, to avoid outside forces influencing local elections.

Tang also plans to visit Stimson Center, Rand Corporation, and Center for American Progress, during her six-day sojourn in Washington, wrote CNA.