Taiwan cannot become the second Hong Kong: William Lai

Former premier William Lai greeted supporters at a book signing on Sunday

Former premier William Lai during a book signing on Sunday.

Former premier William Lai during a book signing on Sunday. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan is an independent sovereign state and cannot become a second Hong Kong, Macau or Tibet, said former premier William Lai (賴清德).

Lai on Monday afternoon attended a book signing for his recently published memoirs at an Eslite store in Huwei Township.

Taiwan is an independent nation, Lai said during the event, and its people will only be happy if it maintains a self-sustained, globalized economy.

China has begun its annexation mission and has announced the “1992 Consensus” is simply an appellation of the One China Principle, he said. Taiwan “resolutely opposes” renouncing its freedom, democracy and human rights to become another Hong Kong, Macau or Tibet, he added.

Following the event, Lai posted a message on his official Facebook page entitled “Your support motivates my steadfast progression.” The message thanked the book signing attendees for their support and enthusiasm.

Lai wrote that he had many heart-warming encounters during the day. In one instance, he was given a picture by a young girl that said “please protect our homeland,” Lai wrote.

Lai wrote that he is determined to make sure the young people of Taiwan grow up in the country without any worries. “I will continue to work hard and safeguard [Taiwan’s] sovereign rights,” he wrote.