Taiwan's NTCH to partner with renowned European performing arts centers

Performing arts centers in France and Spain are new partners of National Theater and Concert Hall in Taipei

The NTCH creates alliances with performing centers abroad. (NTCH photo)

The NTCH creates alliances with performing centers abroad. (NTCH photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH) will soon partner with two renowned performing arts centers in Europe, which will mutually benefit all three venues, as well as the artists and performers.

The NTCH implemented the Kaidong Project alliance with the Phénix-Scène Nationale in France in 2018 and has continued to look for opportunities abroad to help promote Taiwanese artists. This year, two iconic performing arts centers in Europe will become partners with the NTCH, including the Théâtre National de Chaillot in France, and the Mercat de les Flors – Dancehouse in Spain.

The NTCH explained the NTCH goal is to catapult Taiwan's performing arts onto the global stage. The NTCH has proposed an artist-in-residence exchange program, along with bilateral invitations and co-productions, to encourage talented domestic artists to step up with the help of the NTCH network.

The NTCH points out that trailblazing Taiwanese artists usually fight a lonely battle on the global stage. Therefore, not only has the NTCH been actively integrating resources for the past two years, it has also formed a closer partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas offices to help promote Taiwan’s art programs worldwide, as “a reliable anchor for Taiwanese artists and creators.”

The Chaillot and Mercat Flors will sign a contract with NTCH soon, having been impressed by the power of Taiwanese choreography. Through future collaborations, these communicative programs could generate abundant possibilities among the art creators of France, Spain and Taiwan.

The NTCH is looking forward to showcasing the finest domestic talents and programs at the iconic performing arts centers in Europe.