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Taiwanese hackers win seed tournament, qualify for DEFCON CTF 2019 finals

Hacker in Taiwan Conference, or HITCON, will send ateam to compete in global hacking competition in Las Vegas this year

Qualifying page for DEFCON CTF tournament

Qualifying page for DEFCON CTF tournament

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The world famous DEFCON conference and Capture The Flag (CTF) hacking competition is scheduled this year for Aug. 8-11, and the Hackers in Taiwan Conference (HITCON) is preparing a send a squad of Taiwanese hackers to compete.

Recently, at a DEFCON CTF seed event, PlaidCTF 2019, held on April 12 at Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S. a group of Taiwanese hackers called Team 217, representing HITCON, were declared champions and have automatically qualified for a spot at the global DEFCON CTF competition.

Another team from Taiwan called Balsn succeeded in coming in fourth overall at the PlaidCTF 2019 competition. Balsn and other Taiwanese teams may still have an opportunity to qualify for the finals during the preliminary DEFCON competition to be held May 11-13.

According to an ithome report, HITCON leader Li Lunzhen (李倫銓) expressed confidence in the ability of Taiwanese hackers. Last year, HITCON's team came in third place over all at the DEFCON CTF tournament and this year Li expects Team 217 to do just as well if not better.

There are three varieties of hacking competitions, where teams must use various hacking techniques to secure “flags” (bits of protected data) in order to score points. The three type of competition are: Jeopardy, Attack and Defense, and King of the Hill.

The hacking CTF competitions are excellent forums to cultivate talent and showcase new techniques and technology in the world of information security.

In related news, HITCON is also preparing a summer training program and conference inviting information security professionals from around the world to attend.

From the HITCON event registration page.

“Along with the increasingly diversified methods of attack, both government and enterprise continue to expand investment in information security, while paying more attention to the training of cybersecurity education to make up for the defect of the system and the application of tools.”

For any individuals, or groups of hackers looking to join, the registration window will be open until May 14. The training program will take place later this year Aug. 19-22 before the official Hackers in Taiwan Conference on Aug. 23-24 to be held at Academia Sinica in Taipei.