British-Taiwanese Parliamentary Group says China 'damaging cross-strait status quo'

Parliamentary Group in UK releases statement of concern after intrusion of Chinese warplanes in Taiwan's airspace


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – This week the British-Taiwanese All-Party Parliamentary Group (Taiwan APPG) released an official statement criticizing the flight of two Chinese warplanes, which intruded into Taiwanese airspace on March 31.

The co-chairs of the group, Nigel Evans and Lord Rogan, signed the statement denouncing unilateral actions like China’s which undermine peace and stability in the region.

The Taiwan APPG is a non-partisan group of British lawmakers that promote ties between the U.K. and Taiwan through trade and cultural exchange.

As the statement makes clear, British lawmakers are concerned by the increasingly threatening actions by China targeting Taiwan, and recognize that Beijing’s recklessness is “damaging the cross-strait status quo.”

"It is evident that regional peace and stability is at stake," says the Taiwan APPG.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Friday, April 19, expressing thanks to the Taiwan APPG for their continued support, and commitment to bring greater international awareness to Taiwan’s situation, reports Liberty Times.

The short statement can be read below.