Openfind is first Taiwanese web security company to pass ISO27550 review

Company conforms to European Union data protection regulation

Openfind CEO Ivan Liao (right) (photo courtesy of Openfind)

Openfind CEO Ivan Liao (right) (photo courtesy of Openfind)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Online security company Openfind Information Technology, Inc. (網擎資訊) has become the first Taiwanese business to pass the review for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), reports said Friday.

The EU approved the measure to protect private information in 2016, and it went into force on May 25 last year. As the government and most Taiwanese companies were still considering its implications, Openfind had already moved forward and been approved by international certification as fulfilling the standards set by the GDPR.

One of the key elements of the new rule was “the right to be forgotten,” which allowed individuals to demand that online companies remove all personal files, including links, copies and replications.

As the EU rule came into existence, Openfind asked Swiss-based certification company SGS to conduct an ISO27550 Privacy by Design review of its products Openfind Mail2000 and MailBase. The Taiwanese company recently received confirmation it had passed the review, making it the first mail security service provider in the country to gain ISO27550 approval.

The GDPR not only covers privacy concerns inside the EU, but also includes companies from outside offering goods and services to the group of European countries, and searching or collecting information about EU citizens. Retail, finance and airline companies from outside Europe could be especially concerned, reports said.

Software system developer Openfind was founded in 1998 and has I-Mei Foods, Co. CEO Luis Ko (高志明) as its chairman. The basic technology areas concerning Openfind are electronic mail, search engines, data management and protection, and online cloud services for individuals and corporations.

In recent years, Openfind has been focusing on complying with ISO27001, ISO27550 and GDPR Article 25 “Data Protection by Design and by Default.” In the fields of software design and development, the company will make sure the volume, processing and storage of personal data comply with the principles of data protection.