Penghu fireworks festival lights up the night sky in southern Taiwan

More than 30,000 people attended the Penghu International Fireworks Festival opening ceremony

Fireworks lit up the night sky over Xiying Rainbow Bridge.

Fireworks lit up the night sky over Xiying Rainbow Bridge. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The opening ceremony of the Penghu International Fireworks Festival concluded Thursday night (April 18) after a spectacular display that lit up the sky for over 30,000 onlookers.

In addition to a dazzling firework display, award-winning singer Julia Peng (彭佳慧) performed alongside the Youth Symphonic Band and the Penghu County Cultural Affairs Bureau choir. The show also featured a light “performance” by a fleet of 200 drones, the Central News Agency reported.

Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-wei (賴峰偉) and Deputy Magistrate Hsu Chih-fu (許智富) were among several government officials that attended the opening ceremony.

Having run for many years now, Lai said, the firework festival has become an integral part of Penghu. The creative and innovative show has given the county a new lease of life, he added.

(CNA image)

In addition to the glittering fireworks display over Penghu’s Xiying Rainbow Bridge, the 200 drones formed a series of images in the sky, including dolphins, windsurfers and various local landmarks.

The 2019 Penghu International Firework Festival runs for the next two months and will feature a May 12 Mother’s Day show, a “night of four points” show on June 6 and a “voyage night” display on June 13 before the closing ceremony on June 27.

More information can be found on the festival website.

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