2019 Creative Expo Taiwan to open at five spots in Taipei on April 24

Performances, exhibitions and seminars will be held at five locations along a new 'cultural corridor'

Culture Minister Cheng Li-Chen joined a team of curators to present the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan on Wednesday.

Culture Minister Cheng Li-Chen joined a team of curators to present the 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan on Wednesday. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan explores the dynamic intersection of tradition and innovation via a series of free events at five cultural hubs across Taipei.

This year’s expo runs from April 24 through May 5 with the theme “Culture on the Move,” which illustrates the development and evolution of Taiwan’s cultural identity. The event will take place at five locations along Taipei’s old Civic Boulevard railroad, re-imagined as a new cultural corridor that connects the city’s past to contemporary creative affairs.

Creative Expo Taiwan General Curator Tammi Liu revealed that the expo has recruited a team of designers and creative professionals to curate twelve days of music, performance, art and design events to complement the five themes: Stage on the Move, Place on the Move, School on the Move, Infrastructure on the Move and Fair on the Move.

“This is the first time Taipei has held a cultural fair that connects the east and west,” said Taiwan Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chen (鄭麗君) during a press conference today (Wednesday, April 17). “It represents that the industrial corridor established by colonists in the 21st Century has been transformed into a new cultural corridor in Taiwan that maintains its connection to the past,” she said.

Cheng gave a short interview following the press conference (Taiwan News image)

“We hope to foster understanding of how to connect the traditional with the contemporary, and take this creative energy into the future,” added Cheng.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), TRW Railway Museum, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome will each host an exhibition on one of five designated sub-themes.

The sub-themes are Places on the Move, Stage on the Move, School on the Move and Infrastructure on the Move (Image by Taiwan Ministry of Culture)

Huashan 1914 Creative Park will host over forty performances that bridge the gap between traditional and modern arts, including theater, puppetry, live music and lion dances.

The park will also hold host to a series of exhibitions that explore the landscapes, cultures and traditions of four cities in Taiwan: Taoyuan, Tainan, Pingtung and Taitung. Pang Wang of InFormat Design Curating is one of several top creative talents that have been administered to lead an exhibition.

General Curator Tammi Liu introduced the expo at Huashan 1914 Creative Park on Wednesday (Taiwan News image)

C-Lab will become an education platform to showcase oft-obscured elements of Taiwan’s history in a diverse learning environment via seminars and workshops. TRW Railway Museum will invite guests to re-imagine the historic site in its future capacity as a railway museum.

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Taipei Expo Park - Expo Dome will host a trade show that showcases over 500 lifestyle brands including international collaborations with Japanese exhibitors, eco-friendly products and collaborations with social media influencers.

Ambassador Mickey Huang introduced the program at the press conference with a look into the history and renovation of the Taipei Railway Workshop—a key component in Taipei’s industrialization that now sits as a permanent public exhibition on Civic Boulevard.

Contemporary fusion band A Root performed a musical tribute to the former railroad as a sample of the kind of crossover performances and collaborative projects that will take place during the expo.

More information and a schedule of events can be found on the Culture on the Move website.