Final episodes of Taiwanese drama 'The World Between Us' leaked on China's Weibo

Taiwan's PTS warns of legal action against those pirating drama 'The World Between Us' on China's Weibo

(Photo from Facebook page @theworldbetweenus2019)

(Photo from Facebook page @theworldbetweenus2019)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Public Television Service (PTS), CatchPlay, and HBO Asia issued a statement today threatening legal action against those who illegally posted the final two episodes of the Taiwanese TV drama "The World Between Us" (我們與惡的距離) on the Chinese social media site Weibo, reported CNA.

Ratings were sky-high when episodes 7 and 8 aired on Taiwanese TV on (Sunday) April 14. The highest rating within a minute climbed to 2.49, a record high. Audience discussions online have reached a fever pitch as the final episodes, 9 and 10, are officially slated to air on Sunday (April 21).

However, today, links to pirated versions of episodes 9 and 10 have somehow already made their way to Weibo in China, where screen captures of key scenes have surfaced as well.

Screenshot from Weibo showing links to pirated content.

In response, PTS, CatchPlay, and HBO Asia issued a joint statement today expressing regret that piracy of the series is rampant on the internet, including episodes 9 and 10, which have been illegally leaked and posted online. The companies said that they have already thoroughly inspected all links from production to overseas submissions for review and have followed the legal path the resolve the situation.

The companies called on audience members to support Taiwanese programs on authorized platforms. The statement stressed:

"Watching and distributing illegal films are both forms of piracy. Audiences are urged to take action to support the original edition, support Taiwanese dramas, support the devotion and intentions of actors, and watch the series in its entirety. Let's watch the conclusion together on Sunday."

The 10-part TV series examines the lives of all those who had survived a fictional mass shooting in a movie theater two years earlier. The drama follows the intertwining ties of the killer, the victims, the victims' families, the media, and the defense teams.

Trailer for the series on YouTube: