McDonald's Taiwan to stop serving chocolate sundaes today

After 30 years, McDonald's Taiwan takes chocolate sundaes off menu today

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- McDonald's Taiwan on Tuesday (April 16) announced that it will stop serving chocolate sundaes today (April 17) after the item had been on the fast food chain's menu for over 30 years.

McDonald's Taiwan announced on Tuesday that after considering consumer preferences and market conditions, it has decided to stop selling chocolate sundaes after having done so in Taiwan for over 30 years. The burger company said that sales of chocolate sundaes would come to a halt at 1 a.m. this morning, but emphasized that it will continue to develop new, diversified options for consumers in the future.

The end of the sale of chocolate sundaes marks the 13th item McDonald's Taiwan has taken off the menu this year, such as Bubbly Joy McFizz and hot chocolate.

The fast-food giant also announced this for a limited period from April 17 to June 25, it will be offering its popular Berry Brownie McFlurry (莓果布朗尼冰炫風). In addition, Taiwan's big cone soft serve ice cream will increase from 2.5 swirls to 5.5 swirls and will become a permanent menu item.

Many Taiwanese netizens lamented the end of the road for chocolate sundaes:

"Every time I tried to order one, they were sold out."

"Discrimination against chocolate."

"How many things have been discontinued after changing to Taiwanese ownership?"

"Memories taken off the shelf."

"Hurry up and sell McDonald's bento box lunches."

"Turn it into a Taiwanese stir-fry."

"Turn it into a chicken rice shop."

"Waiting for McDonald's to shut down."

"Give me back caramel milk tea."

"Give me back milkshakes."