Taiwan destroys 35,000 pairs of chopsticks from China

Harrods tea leaves from India contained too many pesticides: FDA

Taiwan destroyed 35,000 pairs of chopsticks from China.

Taiwan destroyed 35,000 pairs of chopsticks from China. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan destroyed 35,000 pairs of chopsticks imported from China because they contained the potentially cancer-causing agent formaldehyde, while excessive pesticides were found in tea leaves of the Harrods brand, reports said Tuesday (April 16).

The items featured on a list published by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) showing recent cases of imported products found to pose potential health problems, the Central News Agency reported.

In March, a Taiwanese company imported 3,500 packs containing a total of 35,000 pairs of chopsticks from China. Tests showed the presence of formaldehyde, which is completely banned from such products, leading to the decision to refuse their import and destroy them, the FDA said.

Also on the list were three types of tea leaves from India under the Harrods brand, imported by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, testing positive for the presence of thiacloprid, a banned pesticide, according to the CNA report. More than 400 kilos were destroyed as a result.

Harney & Sons, based in New York state, saw two types of tea diagnosed with high levels of pesticide, one with carbendazim, one with thiacloprid, for a total of more than 52 kilo.

Doctors advised consumers not to use chopsticks that were too white or had a sweet or biting smell, CNA reported.