David Meale urges screening of foreign investments in 5G era

Taiwan is drawing up a blacklist of Chinese companies that are causing security concerns


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Meale said during an interview in Taipei on Monday (April 15) that it’s vital to establish a system that screens foreign investments in the 5G communication era.

Meale told Nikkei Asian Review that in the 5G era it was essential that foreign investments should be checked for the impact they can have on the nation, the economy, and society. He added the U.S. will review foreign investments from three perspectives, including national security, control the government has on investors, and whether the foreign investment will affect core infrastructure.

5G communication networks are expected to enable extensive technical progress in such fields as artificial intelligence, self-drive automobiles, face recognition, supercomputers, and telesurgery. However, the U.S. started to ally itself with Japan and Australia last year and boycott Huawei 5G devices.

In January Nikkei reported that Taiwan was drawing up a blacklist of Chinese companies due to security concerns. The list includes smartphone makers Huawei, ZTE, and surveillance camera manufacturer Hikvision.