After 30 years, Taiwan National Police prepare for uniform upgrade

New dark blue uniforms to be introduced on April 18

New Police Uniforms (Photo from Pingzhen Police Office)

New Police Uniforms (Photo from Pingzhen Police Office)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The National Police in Taiwan are preparing to roll out brand new officer uniforms this week, with the new digs scheduled to become the regulation uniform from Thursday, April 18, reports UDN.

Some branches throughout the country have already received the uniforms and have been carrying out stress and motion tests in the new gear.

After receiving the new uniforms in March, the Pingzhen (平鎮) Police branch office in Taoyuan City has been conducting some combat and firing exercises wearing the new uniforms.

Some officers have stated that the new uniforms are more durable and comfortable than previous uniforms, according to UDN.

The current police uniforms, notable for their dull gray shirts, have been in service since 1987. The National Police have been exploring new uniform options since 2016.

After a vote on three different uniform design options last year, the new dark blue, tactical uniforms proved to be the most popular among officers and the public.

File photo of basic police uniforms introduced in 1987 (Wikimedia Commons)

New uniforms during stress test (Photo from Pingzhen Police Office)