Fulong International Sand Sculpting Art Festival to kick off in New Taipei


The Fulong International Sand Sculpting Art Festival is set to kick off April 19 in New Taipei City, drawing visitors from home and abroad to the golden beach on Taiwan’s northern coast.

Organized by the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration, the 12th edition of the annual exhibition runs through Aug. 25. A total of 25 sand sculpture artists from seven countries and territories have been invited to produce works around the theme Crossing the Town to Find Atlantis.

The event will be comprised of three exhibitions areas, each featuring pieces inspired by the mythical Greek city. The first focuses on the origin story of Atlantis—said to have been created by the sea god Poseidon—and features sand sculptures intended to make visitors feel like they are strolling through the legendary metropolis.

Themed around Atlantis’ embrace of technology and its ultimate fall, the second area will comprise artworks showcasing the co-existence of ancient and modern worlds. The final section consists of sculptures based on marine environments and wildlife, and aims to encourage visitors to cherish the natural world.

On June 15, the festival will also host an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people simultaneously creating sand sculptures. A total of 300 participants will attempt to produce depictions of dolphins under the supervision of professional artists.

First staged in 2008, the festival is held along the popular golden beach between Fulong and Yanliao on Taiwan’s northern coast. The soft, highly cohesive white quartz sand makes the site ideal for producing sculptures.