Taiwan faces rainy week ahead

Unstable weather and northeasterly winds dominate

The Central Weather Bureau predicts a rainy week.

The Central Weather Bureau predicts a rainy week. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan, and especially the northern part, faces a cool and rainy week ahead, the Central Weather Bureau warned Saturday (April 13).

The passage of a front and the strengthening of northeasterly winds were mainly to blame for the change, the Liberty Times reported.

Sunday evening, temperatures would begin to drop in the north and northeast, with rain likely in most regions, including the island groups of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.

Fog and low-hanging clouds might affect visibility along the west coast of Taiwan, and also on Kinmen and Matsu. The offshore islands near the coast of China’s province of Fujian have been known to close their airports under such weather conditions, making it necessary for people with travel plans to check transportation websites.

Sunday afternoon would also be marked by strong winds along the east coast and north of Tainan, forecasters said.

While Monday might be slightly warmer in the southern parts of Taiwan, Tuesday and Wednesday would again bring more showers, according to the Liberty Times.

Unstable weather patterns were likely to last for most of the week, the weather bureau said, asking residents to look out for updated forecasts.