Taipei Police rescue woman from rogue Roomba in late night scare

Believing herself a victim of home invasion, she implored her Facebook contacts to call the police, which they did

Officers cut through apartment security door (Image from Taipei Police video)

Officers cut through apartment security door (Image from Taipei Police video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – In Taipei, a 48 year old woman, surnamed Hseih (謝), awoke from bed early Friday morning around 1:00 a.m. shocked to hear a strange noise in her home. She immediately took to social media to alert her friends and family that she may be in danger.

“There’s a thief in my home! What should I do?” she frantically posted to Facebook. Not wanting to alert the intruder to her position, she decided against making a phone call to the police which might be overheard.

Instead she asked her friends to contact the police on her behalf while she hid from any potential danger in her bedroom.

Her friends answered her call providing the the first of three reports to local police at approximately 1:40 a.m. Hseih kept her worried online audience informed of how the situation was developing while she nervously awaited police from Taipei City’s Songshan branch to arrive.

Police arrived in force with over 10 armed officers, and a detective eager to rescue the woman in distress

When notified by her social media contacts that police had arrived, Hseih alerted intermediaries “I don’t dare to go out and answer the door. Tell the police to break it down!” At which point the police officers complied with the woman’s request, using an industrial saw to cut through the steel security door’s lock.

When officers flooded the apartment, there was no indication that there had been any intruder. When the lights were turned on, officers quickly located the source of the disturbance, a pink robotic Roomba hiding under a living room table.

The culprit (Image from Taipei Police video)

According to SETN, the room sweeping robot activated in the middle of the night and knocked some things off of a table, and pushed around a some chairs in the room, which sent the woman into a panic.

When Hseih realizes the source of her terror was her family’s robot sweeper she can be seen on video responding with the statement “Oh, Ok.”

She later explained the false alarm to her friends and family on social media and apologized for making everyone worry.