EU confirms support for Taiwan's participation at World Health Assembly

European Union spokesperson tells CNA Taiwan's increased intl. participation in line with EU global interests

File photo: EU Parliament

File photo: EU Parliament (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As the annual World Health Assembly (WHA) approaches, international allies are voicing support for Taiwan’s participation despite Beijing’s influence over the leaders of the Word Health Association (WHO).

In addition to major allies like the United States, Japan, and the U.K., the European Union has declared that it is in the interests of the international community for Taiwan to have a seat at the WHA and be able to participate in the all related WHO meetings and forums.

According to a report from CNA, a spokesperson for the EU has stated that Brussels seeks a pragmatic solution for Taiwan’s international participation at events such as the WHA. Taiwan’s greater participation is in line with the wider global interests of the EU, according to the spokesperson.

With the WHA set to be held in Geneva, Switzerland May 20-28, Taiwan has already announced that it will send a delegation to meet with representatives from partner countries on the sidelines of the main assembly, even if Beijing again coerces the WHO leaders into denying Taiwan access.

The CNA reporter also contacted a WHO spokesperson, Christian Lindmeier, who confirmed that the WHO is unwilling and unable to issue an invitation to Taiwan without the approval of Beijing, which Lindemeier euphemistically referred to as a “cross-strait understanding.”

In January, at the 114th session of the WHO’s Executive Board meeting, representatives from eSwatini, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Solomon Islands, Haiti, and Paraguay voiced support for Taiwan alongside Japan and the U.S.

In order to spread awareness of Taiwan’s contributions to global public health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently released a short film on Tuesday, April 9 about a doctor from the Solomon Islands.

Updated : 2021-03-08 00:33 GMT+08:00