Man arrested after altering LED screen in Chinese hospital to read: 'Long live Japan'

Slogans 'Long live Japan, China is stupid' suddenly start scrolling on Chinese hospital LED screen

(Weibo photo)

(Weibo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- On Monday (April 8), the simplified Chinese characters for "long live Japan" (日本万岁) and "supporters of China are morons" (支持中国的是傻逼) suddenly started scrolling on an LED screen in a hospital in China's Hebei Province.

On Monday, images of the rogue LED sign displaying messages such as "long live Japan," "supporters of China are morons," and "Knock [down] China's imperialism" (打到 (倒) 中国的帝国主义) surfaced on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. The sign was located above the entrance to the emergency room at a hospital in the Gaoyang County Hospital in Baoding City, Hebei Province.

People who tried to shoot footage of the sign were quickly blocked by hospital security. According to local police, a 31-year-old man surnamed Li (李) was arrested in connection with the case.

For "self-preservation" the hospital quickly cut off power to the LED screen and alerted the local public health bureau, reported The Beijing News. A public health bureau employee said that the sign has since been taken down and "It is not clear who put this sign up. [LED screen postings] are the responsibility of the county hospital."

Sign reads "Knock [down] China's imperialism." (Weibo photo)

The move was especially bold as political dissent is strictly forbidden by Communist China's authoritarian regime and punishment is swift and harsh. The words "long live Japan" were extra incendiary because the Chinese Communist Party frequently promotes anti-Japanese propaganda in film, TV dramas, and state-run mouthpieces.

The slogan "supporters of China are morons" (支持中国的是傻逼) was particularly vulgar as the last word shabi (傻逼, moron) in its original form (傻屄) means "stupid c**t."

Sign reads "Supporters of China are morons." (Weibo photo)