'No way' one can enjoy Taiwanese rights as a Chinese citizen: Taiwan Premier Su

Su Tseng-chang said a lawyer from Taiwan who opted to become a Chinese citizen has no right to the country’s welfare services

Premier Su Tseng-chang speaks. (Photo from Facebook)

Premier Su Tseng-chang speaks. (Photo from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) told media today (Tuesday, April 9) that there is “no way” one can be a citizen of China and still enjoy the civil rights and welfare provisions of Taiwan as if one were a national citizen.

On Monday, Hong Kong media reported that former lawyer Shao Tzuping (邵子平), who traded his Taiwanese citizenship for a Chinese ID, is planning to sue the government for revoking his household registration. Shao complained that the National Immigration Agency had “arbitrarily” rescinded his political rights, which he described as “violating the constitution.”

In a video posted to Facebook earlier today, Su answered a series of questions about the incident.

Su said Taiwan’s welfare system has been built up, dollar by dollar, by the hard work of 23 million compatriots. The national pension insurance fund is similarly, he added, a dollar by dollar accumulation of hard-earned taxpayer money.

In reference to Shao, Su said, “Since he is giving up Taiwan to become a Chinese citizen, there is no way he can enjoy Taiwan’s health welfare services and receive a Taiwanese pension.”

Su said the responsibility of the premier is to enrich the state and its people. Since the beginning of the year, he said, not only have comprehensive tax deductions been introduced, but the government has promised to fully upgrade the October-administered free flu vaccines for the betterment of public health.

Such welfare measures are actually derived from the hard work of citizens, said Su.

The premier said since we are all in the same boat, we ought to treasure each other.

Updated : 2021-01-24 23:01 GMT+08:00