Former AIT director William Stanton visits I-Mei factory

The former US diplomat is impressed by the company's advanced food labs and sustainable business practices


TAOYUAN (Taiwan News) -- Recently lauded for a highly informative account of Taiwan's economic and business success, the former American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) director William A. Stanton visited one of the country's giant food manufacturers on Tuesday (April 9) to gain insight into how an evergreen family business was made.

"I am very delighted to see a Taiwanese company dedicated to safeguarding the health of people by investing tens of millions of (NT) dollars in food safety inspection facilities, as well as sustainable business practices that minimize the impact on the environment," said Stanton during his visit to the Nankan factory of I-Mei Foods Co., which is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year.

After his tenure as the head of the de-facto U.S. embassy in Taiwan, in 2012, Stanton stayed in Taiwan and today serves as a professor and chief advisor to National Taiwan University's International College Provisional Office. He is dedicated to promoting a strong US-Taiwan relationship, and is taking part in the school's celebratory events to be held next week to mark the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) and the AIT.

Stanton visited the factory at the invitation of I-Mei. He had wide-ranging discussions with the factory's food expert and management teams on food safety, modern and sustainable business practices.

Stanton checked out the veteran Taiwanese food provider's state-of-the-art laboratories: food safety lab, radiation testing lab, and dioxin & POP testing lab. He was also given a tour of I-Mei's bread factory, which supplies hamburger buns and bread to McDonald's restaurants across the country.

Stanton has written a widely praised commentary piece on the country’s economic success story. He said this had been achieved by the hard work and application of numerous businesses and business people.

Stanton added that he is hoping more exchanges and cooperation can take place between Taiwan and the U.S. These contacts should take place on various levels and in diverse fields, for the good of both country’s people.

William A. Stanton (center) was briefed by an I-Mei manager (left) at the factory on Tuesday, April 9.

I-Mei Food Safety Laboratory director Chang Shih-chiang (張士強, right) is explaining how the lab works in front of William Stanton.