Taiwan spring tour subsidy for Tainan boasts additional benefits

Eligible visitors can enjoy free entry to five attractions in the city, money saving ideas and free gifts and snacks too

Eternal Golden Castle

Eternal Golden Castle (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The “Tainan Spring Tour Subsidy” program for Taiwan nationals will be rolled out in May and June, sponsored by Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau.

The incentive applies to independent travelers, rather than tour groups, who stay at a hotel or bed and breakfast in Tainan that participates in the “Tainan Spring Tour Subsidy” program. Those who qualify can enjoy a travel subsidy of NT$500 per room per night, from Sunday to Thursday, in May or June, Tainan’s Tourism Bureau said on Monday (April 8).

In addition, independent travelers aged 18 to 40 who stay at a bed and breakfast in the city’s Yanshui District (鹽水區) or Houbi District (後壁區), on a weekday during the two-month period, will be eligible for an additional NT$500 travel subsidy.

Currently, there are 276 hotels and bed and breakfasts in Tainan participating in the program, 66 of which offer their own additional benefits to attract guests. The bureau added that a total of 40,000 subsidies are available for the program.

For a list of the participating hotels and bed and breakfasts, please check this site. For those who stay at a Tainan hotel or bed and breakfast via the program, the city will offer them additional benefits.

They will receive free entry to 1661 Taiwan Warship Museum and four historic sites: Anping Fort, Chihkan Tower, Anping Tree House, and Eternal Golden Castle. This is on weekdays in May and June, on presenting a valid hotel stay invoice, saving a total of NT$250.

By visiting these five attractions individuals are also eligible to receive a free gift, which contains a delicious snack, the bureau said. It added the city will give out a total of 500,000 gifts for the program.

For more information about the additional benefits, please call 06-635 3226. If you have any questions regarding the spring tour program, please call the city’s tourism bureau at 06-635 0192 or 06-632 6215.

For more travel information about Tainan, please refer to the Travel Tainan website.