FamilyMart customers can now mail Chunghwa Post packages 24/7

FamilyMart customers can now send their packages through postal service 24 hours a day

(Image from FamilyMart)

(Image from FamilyMart)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Chunghwa Post and FamilyMart have announced that they have formed a partnership to allow customers to have their packages mailed through the postal service from FamilyMart stores 24 hours a day, year-round, reported UDN.

The new service, which began today, allows customers to drop off their packages at FamilyMart and have them mailed via the postal service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers have the choice of two parcel sizes to choose from: 16x28 centimeter pouches for a discounted price of NT$45 (original price NT$65) and 23x32cm pouches at a price of NT$57 (original price NT$75).

FamilyMart said these preferential prices will last for about one to three months.

Those wishing to send packages via the postal service can go to their nearest FamilyMart and fill out the information on a FamiPort machine. The package will then be sent by logistics to the post office, and then a postman will personally deliver it to its intended destination.

Generally, the packages will take two to four days to deliver, while it will take more than four days in remote areas of outlying islands and eastern Taiwan.

FamilyMart said it will take about one day longer to send postal service packages through their stores than the post office, but the advantage will be that one is not limited by the business hours of the post office.

The company said that with the rise of online retailers, the number of parcels arriving at their stores has risen by 20 to 30 percent annually, from 60 million in 2016 to 100 million last year. Of these, the FamilyMart said 70 percent are small private parcels, which conform to the characteristics of the packages which can be delivered by the new postal service.

Chunghwa Post said that in the past, such packages could only be mailed by 1,298 post offices and 561 postal agencies. The addition of FamilMart's 3,347 stores will greatly expand the postal delivery network.