Japanese travel writer finds her passion promoting tourism to Taiwan

Ishii Mikiko has written over 3,000 articles online, becoming a major source of tourism info for Japanese speakers

Ishii Mikiko at Dadaocheng Market (Photo from Ishii Mikiko)

Ishii Mikiko at Dadaocheng Market (Photo from Ishii Mikiko)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Japanese blogger Ishii Mikiko (石井三紀子) has been living in Taiwan for over eight years. Through her website about travel and food in Taiwan, she has been promoting tourism in the country to Japanese travelers.

With over 3,000 entries on her original blog and her other websites like Facebook, and Jimdo, Ishii has created an incredible resource with a wealth of information for Japanese travelers visiting Taiwan.

In Japan, her online articles have been sourced by many travel magazines and webpages, making her a local tourism authority and a major asset for building a cultural bridge and tourism connections between the two countries.

Originally, after studying and marrying in Taiwan, Ishii began working at a travel agency, arranging tours for Japanese groups visiting Taiwan. During her work as a tour guide and organizer, she came into contact with many great foods and travel destinations.

Using her experience and knowledge of local restaurants and attractions, Ishii began her blog, which has developed a major following as a source of information on Taiwan for Japanese speakers.

She left the travel agency in 2015 to pursue a career as an independent travel writer in Taiwan. She has devoted herself to gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for Taiwan ever since.

Recently, after meeting with the head of Taipei’s Dadaocheng (大稻埕) Tourist information office, Ishii had the honor of being declared a “Friend of Dadaocheng” for her contribution to promoting travel to the neighborhood among Japanese visitors to the area, reports Liberty Times.