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Pro-Taiwan Independence group Formosa Alliance announces split from DPP

Formosa Alliance will adopt a turquoise banner to differentiate the new party from the green banner of the DPP

Pro-Taiwan Independence group Formosa Alliance announces split from DPP

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Ahead of the second anniversary of Taiwan’s “Freedom of Speech Day” designated as April 7, by former Premier Lin Quan (林全) in 2016, the Formosa Alliance (喜樂島聯盟) announced its separation from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Presenting itself as a fledgling independent political party, the Formosa Alliance, will adopt a teal color for their banner, differentiating their party from the DPP, which uses the color green.

The Alliance organizers and supporters are dissatisfied with what they see as shortcomings of the Tsai administration in pushing for Taiwan’s de jure independence.

The Formosa Alliance was founded in April 2018 by former Formosa TV chairman, George P. Kuo (郭倍宏), as a DPP-affiliated campaign seeking a public referendum on Taiwan’s independence, and to amend the name of the country.

In a statement made April 6, Kuo criticized the current Tsai administration and the DPP, declaring that they have become advocates for the status quo of maintaining the Republic of China in Taiwan.

Despite setbacks and criticisms of the Formosa Alliance, which originally sought to provide the Taiwanese public with an independence referendum by mid-2019, Kuo assured supporters that the Formosa Alliance, under its turquoise banner, would continue to fight for Taiwan’s autonomy.

As for the party's political platform, in addition to the independence referendum, the party ultimately intends to draft a new constitution, introduce a new national anthem, adopt a new flag, reapply for entry into the United Nations, and to normalize diplomatic relations with other nations across the world, reports Liberty Times.

April 7, Taiwan’s “Freedom of Speech Day,” is the symbolic date of the death of democracy and independence advocate, Cheng Nan-jung (鄭南榕), who self-immolated on April 7, 1989, to protest the authoritarian KMT government.

Before his suicide, the government arrested and charged Cheng with sedition for publishing a draft constitution for the “Republic of Taiwan” in his weekly publication Freedom Era Weekly (自由時代週刊) in 1988, reports Liberty Times.

Pro-Taiwan Independence group Formosa Alliance announces split from DPP
Photo taken the Formosa Alliance event announcing split from DPP, April 6. The placards read "Rectifying the Constitution is Taiwan's only path forward." (CNA Photo)

Updated : 2022-05-21 12:16 GMT+08:00