Envoy calls on Taiwanese employers to give Indonesians day off to vote

Indonesian elections are scheduled for Sunday, April 14

Indonesian presidential candidates debate

Indonesian presidential candidates debate (AP photo)

TAIPEI (CNA) -- Indonesia's top representative to Taiwan recently urged Taiwanese employers to give Indonesian workers a day off next Sunday so that they can cast ballots in their country's upcoming general elections for president, vice president and members of the People's Consultative Assembly.

In a letter dated March 10 and addressed to the Taiwanese who hire Indonesian workers, Didi Sumedi, head of the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office, asked them to give their employees the day off on April 14 so they can vote.

Indonesia will soon hold its general elections and "each vote means a great deal to the future development of Indonesia," said Sumedi.

The letter also listed the locations of 34 polling stations to be set up across the island.

Photo courtesy of Taipei City Councilor Huang Yu-fen

According to Indonesian law, citizens who are 17 years old and above are eligible to vote, including nationals who currently reside overseas.

To encourage nationals living overseas to vote, the Indonesian General Election Committee has set up representative offices in 130 countries around the world so they can vote in the historic elections, according to media reports.

Overseas voters cast their ballots from April 8-14, which is before Indonesia holds its elections on April 17, reports said.

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Labor (MOL) statistics, there were about 269,000 migrant workers from Indonesia as of the end of January 2019, making the country the biggest source of migrant workers in Taiwan.