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Chinese recruiters target Taiwanese job seekers to spread pro-unification propaganda

Suspect ads surface on job banks and social media

Screenshot of the since-removed job ad on

Screenshot of the since-removed job ad on (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Advertisements have surfaced on job banks and social media pages in Taiwan seeking supporters of cross-strait unification to spread propaganda.

A user of social networking website Dcard wrote that they had discovered an ad recruiting supporters of “peaceful unification” to administer “political party Facebook pages,” CNA reports.

A screenshot of the now-deleted ad, posted to on April 2, shows the recruiter would offer a monthly salary of between NT$20,000 and NT$50,000 for successful candidates to “manage party fan pages”—the condition being they support cross-strait unification.

Dcard users also said similar advertisements had appeared on Facebook. Recruiters were reportedly seeking social media celebrities that support cross-strait rapprochement for content mills.

A screenshot of one ad from a “Sichuan government unit” said it provided fully-sponsored training, and that successful candidates could expect a salary of between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan, according to CNA. The ad stated that a candidate’s beauty was more important than the user traffic they generate.

Additionally, Facebook pages “" and “James is Curly” said they received direct messages containing acquisition requests, CNA reports.

James is Curly posted a screenshot of a message asking if the page could be bought out. The language used in the request indicates the sender was Chinese.

The Mainland Affairs Council yesterday said it will work with relevant agencies to closely monitor the situation.

MAC said according to Article 34 of the Act governing cross-strait relations, it is illegal for Chinese businesses to promote products or services in Taiwan without permission from the government. If the ads are found to violate cross-strait regulations, the transgressors will be punished according to law, said MAC.