Two killed in tragic car accident, in western Taiwan’s Miaoli County

The pair crashed into a guardrail and were then hit by a truck following behind

The car hit a truck before smashing into a guardrail

The car hit a truck before smashing into a guardrail (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two people have died in a car accident on Taiwan National Highway No. 3.

The accident was caused when a car suddenly veered in front of a truck near the highway’s Tongxiao intersection on Tuesday evening (April 2), before smashing into a guardrail, CNA reports. The driver of the car and the passenger were killed.

Miaoli County Fire Bureau was notified of the incident at 9 p.m. Emergency rescue personnel rushed to the scene and discovered two men trapped inside the car.

Firefighters spent around 30 minutes attempting to rescue the men, who had reportedly sustained serious head wounds and showed no signs of life. The men were taken to Tong Siao Kuang Tien Hospital and Lee General Hospital for emergency treatment, but were declared dead on arrival.

The unnamed truck driver told authorities he was driving in the outer lane when the car in front suddenly deviated towards the inner lane, before swerving back and hitting the front of the truck. The car then smashed into the guardrail.

Unable to stop in time, the truck driver said he smashed into the car, pushing it a further 100 meters down the road before grinding to a halt. Another truck driver in front of the car at the time said there was a braking sound and he noticed in the rearview mirror the car driver was sleeping.

The truck driver said the car driver likely yanked on the steering wheel after realizing the car was veering towards the inner lane, causing him to lose control of the car. Further details of the incident are subject to investigation by the National Highway Police Bureau.

Fire-fighters spent around 30 minutes attempting to rescue the two men (CNA image)