Huge installation brightens up Taiwan’s NTCH plaza

Created by a UK-based group the artwork is part of the Taiwan International Festival of Arts

“Katena” offers a sense of serenity. (Photo by Taiwan News, Lyla Liu)

“Katena” offers a sense of serenity. (Photo by Taiwan News, Lyla Liu)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The large-scale art installation “Katena” (光影幻境) was created by the UK-based company Architects of Air (AoA), and is being shown at the National Theater and Concert Hall ( NTCH, 兩廳院藝文廣場) plaza until April 21.

The last exhibit of the 2019 Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) (台灣國際藝術節), “Katena” was inspired by nature, geometric shapes, as well as Islamic and Gothic architecture.

It is a 42.5-meter long and 36.4-meter wide inflated object that takes its name from the “catenary curve.” The catenary curve has a U-shape curve that looks like a suspended chain and was used by Antoni Gaudí to design the iconic Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

More than 100 catenary curves can be found in the “Katena” installation. The first is in the airlock, where the windows form an inverted catenary.

“Katena’s” spectacular main dome has been likened to a Hindu temple. Its construction rewards exploration of the structure’s riveted and sewn shape.

The installation creates a tranquil place of shimmering light and beauty to experience for yourself. For more information or to buy tickets please visit the TIFA website.

Updated : 2021-03-08 05:35 GMT+08:00