Taiwan's Forest Bureau lets kids under 12 in free to recreation areas

All the forest recreation areas across Taiwan are rich in health-enhancing Phytoncide and negative ions

The Bong Bong Train (蹦蹦車) on Mt. Taiping in Yilan County (photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

The Bong Bong Train (蹦蹦車) on Mt. Taiping in Yilan County (photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- If you haven’t decided where to go yet to spend the upcoming four-day Tomb-Sweeping holiday, you might want to consider one of 13 designated national forest recreation areas, especially if you have children under 12.

During the holiday period, April 4 – 7, entry to the 13 national forest recreation areas is free for children under 12, the Forestry Bureau said on Monday (April 1). This includes taking rides on the Wulai Trolley (烏來台車) in Wulai, New Taipei City, and the Bong Bong Train (蹦蹦車) on Taipingshan in Yilan County.

The Forestry Bureau said research shows that walking in nature and engaging in outdoor learning activities has a positive influence on the development of children. Not only do outdoor activities get children away from computer and cellphone screens, but they also help with physical development, sharpen the observation, imagination, creativity, logical thinking, and attention span.

Taiwan’s forest recreation areas are rich in health-enhancing phytoncides and negative ions, so they are perfect destinations for a healthy holiday, the agency added. Pytoncides (wood essential oils) are produced by plants and trees to protect themselves from insects and germs and are used in aromatherapy.

The 13 forest recreation areas are: Taipingshan, Manyueyuan, Neidong, Dongyanshan, Dasyueshan, Basianshan, Aowanda, Alishan, Kenting, Shuangliou, Jhihben, Chihnan, and Fuyuan. Children must be accompanied by adults while riding on either the Wulai Trolley or Bong Bong Train.

For more travel information about the forest recreation areas and their nature trails, please visit the Taiwan Forest Recreation website , the Forestry Bureau’s Taiwan forest Facebook account , or Forestry Bureau’s website.

The Wulai Trolley in Wulai, New Taipei City (Photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)

Alishan Forest Railway (Photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau)