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Han Kuo-yu rejects China's 'One Country, Two Systems' declares support for Taiwan

Kaohsiung mayor grilled by City Councilors after controversial meetings with CCP officials

Mayor Han addresses Kaohsiung City Council

Mayor Han addresses Kaohsiung City Council (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Following a trip to Hong Kong and China, and his rejection of a presidential bid over the weekend, Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) met with the Kaohsiung City Council on April 1.

Responding to the questions about his secretive meetings with CCP officials and whether or not he supports China’s “One Country, Two Systems” framework for Taiwan, Han surprised many by declaring that he “does not accept” Beijing’s policy proposal.

Emphasizing his position to the City Councilors, and using the official name of Taiwan's government, Mayor Han declared “I will say it again from the heart; I support the Republic of China, and oppose One Country, Two Systems.”

Han’s statements on “One Country, Two Systems” were in response to pointed questions and criticisms from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) City Councilors, Cheng Meng-yu (鄭孟洳) and Lin Chih Hung (林智鴻), concerning Han’s closed-door meetings with CCP officials in Hong Kong, Macau, and China, which have drawn serious criticism, and are under investigation by Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council.

The DPP legislators also mockingly offered the mayor a yellow dragon robe, a symbol of the Chinese emperor, during the City Council session. Other DPP members of the council also wore black shirts declaring "Reject One Country, Two Systems" and held signs reading "Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow Taiwan" to protest the conduct of Mayor Han.

Han Kuo-yu rejects China's 'One Country, Two Systems' declares support for Taiwan
(CNA photo)

City Councilor Lin suggested that by engaging in the unannounced, closed door meetings with Chinese government officials, Han had become a spokesperson for the “One Country, Two Systems” proposal. Lin asked whether or not Han had expressed support for “One Country, Two Systems” during his meetings at the Chinese Liaison Offices, reports Upmedia.

Han insisted that during the meetings no political topics were discussed. To which Lin replied with a challenge, “Would the mayor dare to make a press release declaring that ‘One Country, Two Systems’ is a sham?”

“I would declare it in the hallowed halls of Kaohsiung, what need is there for a press release!” Han shot back.

Han then declared his support for the government of Taiwan, and said he would not accept “One Country, Two Systems.”

When Lin pressed further asking if Han was being sincere, the mayor said “Shall I take off my jacket and put my hand over my heart for you to see? I will say it again from the heart, I support the Republic of China and oppose ‘One Country, Two Systems.”