S. Taiwan ice cream shop enjoying brisker business after bashing Han

Ice cream shop business briskest on Sunday

(photo from Charng Mei Ice Store)

(photo from Charng Mei Ice Store)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The business of an ice cream parlor in Cishah District (旗山), Kaohsiung was brisker than ever on Sunday (March 31) after the shop posted a statement on Facebook bashing Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kou-yu (韓國瑜) for visiting China.

During a recent visit to China, Han voiced his strong support for the "1992 Consensus" in meetings with Chinese officials.

In a Facebook post dated March 26, the Charng Mei ice cream parlor (常美冰店), founded in 1945, said, “As a small business in the Kaohsiung countryside, [we] don’t want to become Chinese now or in the future, and as a shop in Kaohsiung, we are very sorry to have a mayor who was all smiles while calling on the Chinese dynasty.”

In response, Han said that he totally respected the shop’s position, but asked the boss of the shop not to misunderstand him, saying, “I was there only to sell Kaohsiung products,” Central News Agency (CNA) reported.

The anti-Han and anti-China post has caused some of the mayor’s supporters to voice their intention to boycott the shop.

However, on Sunday morning, a line formed in front of the shop, with some customers having to wait for nearly 30 minutes to get their orders, CNA reported. A neighbor of the ice cream parlor said the business of the store has been brisk on weekends over the years, but customers lining up like this morning never happened before, the news outlet said.

A Kaohsiung citizen surnamed Huang, who took his family to have ice cream at Charng Mei, said he came to the shop by himself to have the refreshment whenever he felt like it, but after seeing the shop’s Facebook post, he felt obligated to take his family to patronize the shop to show their support, according to CNA.

(Photo from '旗山 常美冰店' Facebook page)