Lamborghini smashes into CPC corp. semi-tanker on Taiwan highway

Both drivers rescued from wreckage with broken bones

overturned CPC tanker

overturned CPC tanker (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Around 8:00 a.m. March 31, on Taiwan Highway No. 9 in Pingtung County, a Lamborghini and a CPC Corp. semi-tanker collided in spectacular fashion, flipping the semi off the road.

Fortunately, the drivers of both vehicles survived, although the driver of the semi-tanker reportedly broke a bone in his left leg, and the driver of the sports car suffered a fracture of his left fibula and in his right arm.

The local fire station dispatched 11 vehicles to the scene to check on the wounded drivers who were quickly freed from the wreckage where they were trapped.

In a photo taken at the scene, the driver of the Lamborghini can be seen stunned in the driver seat looking out upon his wrecked vehicle.

According to a UDN report, the Lambhorgini is suspected of travelling too fast down the highway, and veering into the opposite lane as the semi-tanker approached on a downward sloping bend in the road.

The shocked semi driver most likely veered too hard in the opposite direction in a futile attempt to avoid the sports car, sending the massive vehicle toppling down the side of the hill, coming to a stop three meters below the roadside.

Both drivers were in the hospital receiving treatment Sunday afternoon, reports CNA.

No reports have mentioned any threat of explosion or any leakage from the overturned tanker, suggesting it was likely empty at the time of the crash.

The totaled Lamborghini (CNa photo)