Taiwan Rail lunchboxes provide passenger with NT$10 million

Passenger spent NT$241 at Taipei Railway Station: TRA

NT$10 million for the buyer of three Taiwan Rail lunchboxes.

NT$10 million for the buyer of three Taiwan Rail lunchboxes. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A passenger who spent NT$241 (US$7.8) to buy three lunchboxes at Taipei Railway Station earned NT$10 million (US$324,000) with the receipt lottery, reports said Saturday.

Every two months, the Ministry of Finance announces the winners of the lottery designed to make consumers ask for a receipt, which in turn allows the authorities to check whether the business in question paid the necessary taxes.

The person bought three cutlet lunchboxes at 2:48 p.m. on February 1, the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) announced Saturday. Each of the popular “bento” boxes prepared especially for TRA costs NT$80, with the company assuming the extra NT$1 on the receipt meant that the passenger also bought a plastic bag for his purchases, the Central News Agency reported.

The cutlet lunchbox is TRA’s most popular food product, occupying a share of 90 percent, with 250 being sold daily at the Taipei Railway Station alone, the report said.

The NT$10 million prize for a NT$241 purchase was not a record, since there are frequently reports of consumers winning the same amount of money with a receipt for cheap products such as drinks from convenience stores or tea chains.